Q: What is hypnosis? A: Hypnosis is a process that uses relaxation and visualization to allow the facilitator to talk with your subconscious mind while your conscious mind takes a step back. This time allows the facilitator to provided suggestions to your subconscious to work with you towards the goal you have set for yourself. This is also a time to release any known or unknown physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional blocks that are getting in your way of attaining your goal.

Q: Do I lose control over myself when I am in trance? A: You remain in control of yourself during the entire session.

Q: Can the facilitator of hypnosis make me do anything I don’t want to do? A: No, the facilitator cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. You are in control and either accept or reject the suggestion in regards to the goal you stated you want to work on.

Q: What if I can’t be hypnotized? A: People experience different levels of a hypnosis trance. Most people experience some type of hypnosis throughout the day (examples include daydreaming, getting lost in a book or TV show, arriving home and not remembering driving there, right before you wake up or fall asleep). Most people find that with each session they are able to relax more and go deeper than the session before.

Q: What if I come out of trance for a moment, can I go back into trance? A: Some people do experience going in and out of trance. This does still provide an effective session. It is called fractionation when people go in and out of trance.

Q: How long does a session last? A: That depends on the client. Most sessions last between 60 minutes to an hour and a half.

Q: How many sessions will I attend? A: That depends on the client and their progression towards their goal. We will discuss your progression at the beginning of each session and will then be better able to estimate how many more sessions you may want to participate in.

Q: Can I receive a session over the phone? A: Yes, effective hypnosis sessions can be provided in person, over the phone, or online through a video chat.