Hypnosis Packages

After every hypnosis session, you will also receive a recorded session to match our session that you get to keep for life. 


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4 Hypnosis Session Package


Looking to reach a goal? Let go of what is blocking your path to success and start taking the action steps that will get you where you want to go.

Want to excell at something you are dedicting time to? Using hypnosis for performance enhancement may be your missing piece to the ledgendary puzzle.

This hypnosis package includes:

  • 4 individual 90 minute hypnosis sessions - meeting online
  • 4 personalized hypnosis recordings that you get to keep for life
  • 6 week committment - we meet on the following weeks: 1, 2, 4, and 6

Financial Investment: $800


8 Week Hypnosis and Holistic Nutrition Package

  • 8 individualized 90 minute sessions to work towards your body goals. We meet weekly for 7 weeks and have a 3 month follow up session. 
  • 8 Personalized hypnosis recordings 
  • Holistic Nutrition Coaching