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Coaching with Stephanie

Let's enhance your life. We will work together to create the life you are dreaming about.

Coaching is done online, unless you want in person service. Transportation fee will be added on to the package price.

I am in your corner.

Enhancing relationships

  • Get the passionate, fun, long-lasting relationship you want.
  • If your relationship is in trouble, let's get it back on track.
  • This includes work relationships and other family relationships.

Personal Development

  • What kind of life do you want to create?
  • Let's make your goals a reality!
  • Do you want to reshape your body?
  • Do you want to feel confident with who you are?

Performance Enhancement

  • Over come mental blocks & plateaus.
  • Ace those tests.
  • Excell at your hobby.

Coaching sessions may also include meditation, breathing exercises, visualization and hypnosis to assist you in achieving your goals faster.