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Relationship & Dating Coaching with Steph

Welcome. You made it here. This means you take your relationship and dating life seriously. You know that this is one of the most important relationships you already have or want to add into your life. Most of us want happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships. We want to give our best and receive the best. I want this for you as well. We are not going to take the easy road. We will dig in and do some work that will bring you results.

This being said, if you are not ready to do the work, I am not the person for you, as this will be a waste of my time and your money. My clients are hungry and ready to put in the work to enhance their relationships, even if this means leaving complaining behind in exchange for action. I look forward to working with you now when you are ready.

Package: $450 for 3 sessions

Sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes and we meet online.

Coaching sessions may also include, with your consent, meditation, breathing exercises, visualization and hypnosis to assist you in achieving your goals faster.