Love Notes

Stephanie- As you know, we attended a 2 day marriage enrichment seminar presented by you this last weekend. My husband was reluctant to attend, but because we love each other, he was willing to do so. We both just cannot thank you enough for what you taught us. It was very enjoyable and, although we know we have continued work to do together, you gave us the tools and the renewed spirit to do so! We are so in love again! Many thanks, Steve and Gail H.

Instead of the traditional therapy sessions involving long awkward silences, not knowing where to begin or end, and the length of time it takes to feel like you made progress, hypnotherapy is a welcome alternative. Because of Stephanie’s skill set developed from her experience as a MFT, she is able to quickly elucidate what issues you need to confront and/or release. She is able to ask very pointed questions that help you make straightforward connections and realizations that would take months under a traditional therapist. Once she has helped you to clearly see the problem you want to solve, she then helps you to deal with this problem deep in your subconscious. After the session, it’s like a wave of tranquil resolution hits you. That wave hits you again when you most need it, when you are confronted with the issues you are seeking to “deal with.”

Stephanie has helped me immensely in my personal and professional life. She has given me that missing ability that I needed to calmly approach stressful situations at work and in my marriage. I truly believe in hypnotherapy, but more importantly I believe in Stephanie’s talent and skill in this amazing and new form of therapy!

~ Mary, CA

I really have to say what an amazing experience it was having my first ever hypnotherapy session with Stephanie! I will admit I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never done it before. Our family had experienced a traumatic experience and I found myself left very angry. I was looking for a way to let go of my anger that was safe and beneficial for my family. Stephanie provided just that exact thing for me. I'm forever grateful that I decided to give it a shot, I even loved it so much I tried it a second time and recommend it highly to my friends! I love that I felt accepted, calm and that she was listening intently and with purpose. That's hard to find these days. I honestly don't remember exact details from the session because I must have gotten so deep into it, but it definitely worked because when it was over I felt immediate release of my anger. I'll be utilizing her talents from now on.

~ Lindsay, Arizona

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